Fixed Deposits


Fixed Deposit can be opened with minimum of Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One thousand only) for minimum period of 15 days is maximum of 120 Months.  Senior citizen can avail 0.50 % extra interest.  The Interest earned on Deposit can be paid monthly (at discounted value), quarterly, half  yearly, yearly or at maturity according to choice of customer, Standing instruction for automatic transfer of interest earned to saving deposit is available.  Facility for loan against deposit, foreclosure, nomination etc are available.  TDS is applicable as per the rules defined by Income tax Department from time to time.

Required documents:

Duly filled in account Opening Form with :
• Valid Address Proof.
• Identify Proof.
• Copy of PAN Card.
• Form 15G/15H ( If applicable)

Other facilities.
• Deposit maturity SMS Alert
• Standing Instructions are available.